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Advanced Bars

Provides a total solution to a turnkey bar in a modular assembly system including refrigeration, cocktail stations, glasswashing, draft beer, soda systems through CAD.

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Wine Display

Provides modular wine refrigeration and displays for island, built in, free standing systems. Other innovations in wine include Island all glass multi temperature displays and wall mount frames.

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Wine Serving

For innovation in wine and champagne by glass product line that enables the wine server to offer unlimited wines to guests in perfect conditions, fresh as new till 21 days after opening.

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Advanced blending equipment with option of sound enclosure, touchscreen operations, compact footprint and between 1500 to 1800 Watt power and 3.8+ PHP motor.

About us

We bring about Bang in your Bar.

Mission Statement

For over fifteen years Benneta helped bring to life and color the most grand and visionary dreams in Hospitality and Entertainment for the Pioneers; and gave wings to those who dared to rise even though they couldn't fly. "When they want to create a Brave New Bar that tells their Extraordinary Story"

Future Ready

Bar, Wine, Soda, Beer, Blending, Backbars and Beverage Dispensing, your entire bar is solved at Benneta through advanced bar equipment originating in their design and manufacture from America and Europe; serving brave new bars world over. Let us define one for you. Talk to us, When you want to create a Brave New Bar that tells your Extraordinary Story.


We assure credible, sound and dependable solution, through inherent values.


Head of Projects
Responsible for envisioning and design of project from plan to setting up of milestones and deliverables for customers.

Kushalah Mederata

Operates in corporate communications, banking and finance, and approvals inside the company.


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