March 2, 2017

Affiliate Program

Join Our Success in Partnership

As the primary factory rep and distrbutor of all items you see here, we are in position to offer alliance to provide the Bar Gears to customers in your business. If you love these brands, products and solutions as we do, as our customers, and as the world does, you have the opportunity to create an association. Once we work together

  1. You can quote end customers complete bar solutions and participate in tenders.
  2. You can market and supply Blendtec blenders in your market, and expand your business in cafe, juicebar and smoothie industry.
  3. You can retail Uber Bar Tools patented barware and accessories through a retail outlet or online at MRP.
  4. You can work with designers in setting up Wine by the Wall for luxury homes, and hotels.
  5. You can offer Bermar’s wine and champagne preservation solutions to restaurants desperately seeking options in economical and efficient wine by glass.
  6. You can provide the after sales service to your region for all you sell creating ease of use for your customers and a regular income for your business.
  7. You can retail La Sommeliere wine cellars to the hospitality industry around you.

WEBSITE REFERAL: Your account will be set with referral link that your customers can use and receive a discount on each product. Each order will reflect under your account. It is similar to Refer a Friend, except, as affiliate you can choose to encash the value assigned to your referred orders.

The entire line of Benneta Bar Gears adds to your business as a preferred dealer. If you are the right person and have the requisite facilities and structure in a running establishment, meet with us. Email

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