The Burj Al Arab turn to Le Verre de Vin to support their wine & Champagne by the glass programme


The Burj Al Arab turn to Le Verre de Vin to support their wine & Champagne by the glass programme

In our on-going series of interviews and catch-ups with Le Verre de Vin customers around the globe we’re looking to give you the inside track on some of the world’s best wine by the glass lists. This month we have a real treat in store for you…

The iconic Seven Star Burj Al Arab in Dubai have recently commented on how pleased they are with their newly acquired Pod Bars. We were thrilled to catch up with Dimitar Dimitrov, the Beverage Manager & Head Sommelier.  He commented that when it came to supporting an incredibly diverse and expansive wine and Champagne by the glass programme, they immediately turned to Le Verre de Vin. Utilising the ultimate showcase from our Collection – the Quad Pod Bar, their primary objective was to guarantee the quality of each and every glass presented to their discerning guests.

In our quick fire interview we wanted to understand why Dimitar chose Le Verre de Vin, and to have a peek behind the scenes with the man in charge of wine at one of the world’s most prestigious hotels.

Bermar: Firstly, can you give us a quick overview of the range were you offering by the glass before you chose Le Verre de Vin for the Burj Al Arab?

Dimitar @Burj Al Arab: “We were still offering a high end range but had to be far more cautious in tracking the time we had before open wines started to go past their best. This meant we were reluctant to offer some of the more prestigious wines by the glass and, as a result, we didn’t really sell them.”

What made you choose Le Verre de Vin?

“For me it was the unrivalled preservation ability for still and sparkling wines, plus the slick design fits in perfectly with our F&B operations.”

Did you consider anything else?

“We did look at a few other options but nothing very seriously as we knew that Le Verre de Vin would be the perfect fit.”

Why did you settle on the Pod Bars?

“We chose the Quad Pod Bars because we love their slick design but far more importantly because they allow us to perfectly control the temperatures and preservation of the large number of wines by glass we serve, up to 34 in any one outlet.”

What range are you offering now that you have your Le Verre de Vin systems?

“We continue to offer our guests the very best from a wide range of wines in the medium to premium price brackets with up to 34 wines available by the glass at any one time.  We’ve had opportunities to add some more intriguing wines lately and to begin offering more premium Champagne by the glass without the worries of the past.”

How important is Le Verre de Vin in facilitating a successful wine by the glass list?

“It has been incredibly important.  We’ve reduced spoilage and have opened so many possibilities since its introduction.”

Have you noticed a difference in waste and profits since installation?

“Absolutely, wastage is down considerably and, with a broader range now available by the glass, our guests are showing us that they’re willing to ‘trade up’ when we give them the opportunity to.” 

What’s your biggest wine by the glass success story?

“We are now serving Cristal and Dom Perignon by glass, as a sommelier it doesn’t get much better than that!”

Cristal by the glass at one of the best hotels in the world – now that sounds like a dream weekend away to us here at Team Bermar!

Many of the anecdotes that Dimitar shares with us are great take-away tips for operators of all shapes and sizes, even if your particular customers aren’t likely to be looking for a glass of Cristal!  A broader range allowing customers to make interesting choices with the concern over wastage a thing of the past – Le Verre de Vin is the recipe for wine by the glass success, and increased profits are sure to follow.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to find out more or to see case studies from businesses across different sectors – we’ve thousands of fabulous customers (check a few out here) who might just give you the inspiration you need to take the next step with your wine by the glass programme.

We always love hearing from our customers, so please send us your own wine & Champagne #PerfectServe selfies & snaps! You can find us at: @LeVerredeVin on Twitter or @BermarCollection on Instagram,


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