Where can I find Blendtec Blender and who is their dealer in India?

Blendtec has become a very important solution for many people, for health and in business whether cafe or juice bar  or a vegan and raw food trainings center. Health and fitness focused or those on Doctor’s orders are searching for Blendtec in India in past unable to find an authentic source they could depend on to buy their Blendtec blender.

We have spoken to hundreds of people that said they searched for the machine many years ago in India and had to settle for an alternate make because they could not find a dealer of Blendtec in India.

A most pertinent answer to this is to contact Blendtec.Com and check with their customer service who is offering Blendtec in India?  Here are some Question & Answers at Blendtec Blog:

  • Riaz

    Can you email the details for distributors in India? I’m glad I found this article . if you can put a link on your main website about this info for your intnl customers that would help a lot as I arrived here through Google and was considering a step down convertor for use

  • Here is the contact information for our dealer in India:
    Company Name: Benneta Barscope Pvt.
    Contact Name: Vickram Medirata
    Address: Suites 1208-1210, DLF Tower B
    Jasola District Center
    New Delhi, Delhi, 110044
    Phone: +91.11.41550060
    Email: VM@mederata.org

Indian Buyer

You are missing a big market, As you are aware most of Indians are vegeterian and they would love to have this product in India, Consider making the 220v device.


  • Hello. We currently have our HP3A blender (our international version of our Total Blender) available in 220v. These blenders can be purchased through one of our dealers.


Hi Kelli,
You replied a previous comment for buying a Blendtec Blender in India. My mom was visiting us for 3 months and she is now addicted to the capabilities of the Blendtec. Can you please send me details so I can get her, her favorite new appliance ?

  • Nath


    I have bought a blendtec blender from U.S. And I can’t send it back.

    If I get a 220 to 120 V transformer with a power rating of 3000 W. Will it work in India.

    The motor specs says 120 V – 1560 W – 50/60 Hz. So if I can get an input of 120 V and 50 Hz. it should work. Isn’t it.

    What would be the downside.

    Also, can you send me the details of your Dealer in India.

    • Hi Nath,
      When any type of adapter or transformer is used on our blenders, it alters the sign waves so they are no longer the same. This will affect how the blender works. It can affect it in many ways…It may not work at all, it may work fine for a little while then die, or it will change the way the speeds or the cycles work. Basically you will not experience the true performance of a Blendtec and the warranty will be void. For best performance and warranty purposes it is best to use a machine built with the correct power requirements for your country. I will send you our dealer information in separate e-mail.

      I hope that helps answer your questions.

  • Amit

    Hi Kelli,

    Can you please email me the dealer info in India. My parents used Blendtec when they were here in US and loved it. So they would like to purchase one that meets Indian requirements.


Kajal Das

Can you please provide the dealers contact information to purchase Blendtec high end products in India?
Thank you so much

  • Yes, because the plug on a blender sold in the UK is different than the plugs in India. If you use a converter, the warranty will be void. We do have a dealer in India that you can buy a Blendtec from:
    Company Name: Benneta Barscope Pvt.
    Contact Name: Vickram Medirata
    Address: Suites 1208-1210, DLF Tower B
    Jasola District Center
    New Delhi, Delhi, 110044
    Phone: +91.11.41550060
    Email: VM@mederata.org

    URL: http://www.blendtec.com/blog/can-i-use-my-blendtec-blender-in-other-countries/

In India where food preparation takes on a godly form, various models as the CHEF 775 or EZ 600 is a blessing to the entire home. A country where families are large, people get together and conversations agalore over the dining table, and where “Mum’s Home Food” stands its ground from distant past, it is a natural desire for so many people to seek the world renowned blender, to make their culinary experience five star rated.

Benneta, The Promoter and Champion of Blendtec in India

The answer to this question is Benneta is (more than a) distributor of Blendtec in India since 2004, when we launched the brand in India. Yes, it wasnt a product that was transferred to our hands. We seeked out Blendtec and got it to India. It was the first time Blendtec was imported officially and presented to people and businesses of food and beverage in India.

We and our team knows about the blenders, its capability, capacity, strengths, maintenance and repairs, production and blending operations; More than that we understand the value system of Blendtec the brand and the idea. Our commitment to Blendtec is core, its permanent, a belief like known Sun rise and Sun set. And we practice our belief by having only Blendtec in our own lives, and living by it.

If you are someone that wants to join the Blendtec community in India, this is the space, and you have come to the right place. Contact us at posdesk@mbh.org, Call us at 011 41550060 or contact us from the Contact page. We have a forum you can join and discuss as well. If you have questions this is a place where it would mostly be answered.

We believe your primary question was answered here. See you soon as a part of Blendtec India Community.

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